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A Woman's Spending Habits Nearly Cost Her Everything

How Jessie finally solved her credit card debt

Yelling, “Charge!” before a battle commenced was once the signal for soldiers to move forward quickly to engage their enemies. When Jessie Martin would emphatically reply, “Charge!” to cashiers at the mall, on the other hand, she was basically telling her formidable enemy – credit card debt – to give her another month.

How a Family Used a Little Known Method To Pay Down Mortgage

From the time Greg and Susan got married, they worked hard to avoid high interest loans, credit cards and student loan debt. They even purchased their first used car with cash in-hand, saving them a pricey trip to the dealership. Their debtless aspirations soon faded, however, when the apartment they were renting became much too small to accommodate a new surprise – Susan was pregnant.

How One Woman’s Credit Score Went From Awful to Approved

If credit scores were like golf scores, Rachel Lawson's low FICO score would have put all others to shame. Unfortunately, Rachel’s score was more like a double bogey than a hole-in-one. Poor decisions after high school, a repossessed car in her early twenties, and more late payments than she could count had left Rachel’s credit score in shambles.

Man Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck Asks: Isn’t There a Better Way?

If there is one statement that we hear from our readers more than any other, it’s variations of, “I’m tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck.” This problem is without a doubt the single most common concern that we come across here at CreditRevelation. It was also the subject of an email that we received from one of our visitors.

Woman Shocked by Monthly Power Bill Gets It Under Control

From the dog days of summer to the frigid cold of a Virginia winter, Pamela’s power bill was always high. Pamela Mason had been living in the same two-story home on the family farm for years, but for some reason her monthly power bill had gotten completely out of hand over the last several months.

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