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Lexington Law

This credit repair agency has a sterling reputation and has been in business since 1991, helping hundreds of thousands with their credit issues. They'll even provide you with a free credit report summary and repair consultation.

If there was ever a credit repair agency that truly cared about their customers, this is it. By taking a huge personal interest, removes hundreds of questionable negative items from credit reports each day, and their website has plenty of fun, informative videos to walk you through the process.

Credit Agenda

This service is very involved in providing as much useful information as they can for absolutely free, by giving access to informative webinars and articles on credit repair. They also provide free consultation and will let you know how they can help you reach your credit repair goals.


This is a very unique credit repair service, as they only charge per deleted item and you only pay after the negative item has been removed from your credit file. They also offer a lifetime guarantee, which is one of the best in the credit repair business.

Credit Secret

Credit secret is run by Scott Hilton, who has found an ingenious 100% legal loophole to drastically raise your credit in a short amount of time (and barely anybody knows about it). To learn about Scott's controversial, but effective, solution, click the link.


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